1. Anonymous

    Sir really appreciate your KT.
    Now, please tell us about JOINS.


  2. Thanks you friend for your valuable comments…I will definitely talk about joins in my forthcoming articles. If you have any specific question related to Joins, you can email me at neeraj.yadav@passionforsql.com

    Otherwise keep reading my blog..I will post article on Joins as well.

  3. ayush

    Nice stuff


  4. Hello Friend I have posted article on Joins please go through with it and let me know if you have any query.

  5. Huzaifa

    Nice Article and greatly explained, but had one question, how can i use my rows as columns. I have almost 150+ rows and I want to use them as individual single row column’s, is it possible sir, any help will be greatly appreciated…
    Thanks in advance. Hope you understand my question.


  6. Thanks Huzaifa for writing back to me.I am sorry but didn’t get your question.Could you please take a dummy example and post your query to my mail box. my email id is neerajyadav02@gmail.com and neeraj.yadav@passionforsql.com

  7. Gokul

    Hi Huzaifa,

    Learn about Pivot component in SSIS. Hope that would help you.


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